You can take advantage of contractor services from OASIS HOME RENTAL, Florida’s premier property management concierge service.

The goal of our business is to provide performance with care, to look out for you, and to serve you as effectively as we can. To make your life easier, we provide a variety of services, including general contractor and constriction services. After purchasing a new home, various tasks need to be completed. In addition, there is the duty of caring for and maintaining the property.


Due to our extensive experience in the real estate industry, including contractors, we have developed a whole eco-system of professionals that are the finest in their sector. Based on our observations and network of expertise, we will assist you in selecting the finest contractor for your needs. We will give you access to specialists who can guide you in taking care of your property in a cost- and error-free manner. Additionally, property owners frequently save a lot of money using our recommended contractors.


Freedom is one of our core beliefs. We gave you more time and freedom to accomplish whatever you desired. You decide who to hire and how much money you spend, but we will take care of all the administrative issues related to planning, supervising, and evaluating the services provided by the contractors. We aim to do everything we can to lessen your stress. By working with us, you can concentrate on your strengths while we handle the rest.


Our chosen contractors provide quality workmanship at a reasonable price. These neighborhood contractors promise huge cost savings for property owners. We also promise that the fees for upkeep and repairs on your property will be the lowest you can find. This is due to the fact that we are a large company who has used well vetted contractors on several locations. In order to help you choose the finest contractor, we will present you with a variety of competitive bids from our network of carefully vetted vendors and contractors. Additionally, because of the years of expertise and education our team of professionals has amassed, they are able to spot errors early on and help you save time and money.


Members of our staff are specialists in their respective fields. We can work with any contractor that your property needs in a flexible manner. You require a contractor for the cable provider. We’ll give you the best service possible and send someone to oversee the installation, make sure everything functions correctly before the contractor departs, handle the payment, and confirm that everything is secure before we go. Seeking a visit to provide a quote for your electrical installations. When you have the time, our team can effectively convey your desired specifications to the electrician and tell you appropriately in simpler terms.